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Yosemite the Cat

A few months into my journey, I was feeling quite lonely on the road. To remedy that, I decided to adopt a kitten from the Ventura County Animal Shelter in California. Me and another woman showed up at around the same time to adopt, and there was only one kitten left. We flipped a coin, and I won. I named the three-month-old kitten "Yosemite," after my favorite national park so far. Together, Yosemite and I traveled from the Pacific Coast across to the Atlantic over the course of three weeks. We visited nine national parks before heading west again via Route 66. On the way, Yosemite jumped out the window of the van while I was driving with him on my lap. He broke his knee badly, and had his leg amputated as the pandemic was starting. We quarantined and he recovered quickly before we continued our travels together to 18 more parks, zigzagging across the country together. He is the perfect companion, adjusting quickly to new environments and life on the road. Now, Yosemite and I live together on a farm in Vermont. Click any photo to purchase a print.

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