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Mountain Lake

Van's Best Friend

A college dropout decides to fulfill his lifelong dream of traveling the American national parks in a self-built camper van. Experience the triumph, tragedy, and pure adventure of living on the road in this memoir detailing the two-year journey.

Glacier 11_edited.jpg

I visited 50 of the 63 US National Parks. Join me in the recounting the sheer scale of towering mountains and the grace of wildlife in the forest.

Be inspired to find joy in nature-- whether you're alone or with others. My three-legged cat, Yosemite, was my loyal companion on this adventure of a lifetime. He's been to 28 national parks!


See for yourself the interesting things there are to explore in North America. I have found public pianos, funky diners, and even a few lasting friends along the way.

Transform your mind into a speck of dust, floating from place to place. I documented my stories in a journal at the time they happened. Experience the raw, emotional highs and lows of adventure and love.


Learn about some of the most unique land features in the entire world. Did you know there are sand dunes in Alaska?

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